Introduction of Chhattisgarh Council of Science & Technology

The Chhattisgarh Council of Science & Technology (CCOST) was established in January 2001 under the aegis of Department of Science and Technology, Government of Chhattisgarh (C.G.). It is an autonomous body, which has been registered under the M.P. Societies Registration Act 1973.

The broad categories of the areas which council targets are as following:

  • Central Laboratory Facility
  • Research & Development Promotional Cell
    • Mini Research Projects
    • International Travel Grant
    • Seminar/Symposium/Workshop/Conference
    • Publication Grant
    • Guidelines for Projects/ Programmes
    • Identification of new areas
    • Aquaculture Cell
    • Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Demonstration Centre
    • Establishment of S & T Development Study Centre
    • Establishment of Astrophysics & Astronomical Observatory
  • Chhattisgarh Space Applications Centre
  • Popularisation of Science Centre
    • Chhattisgarh Young Scientist Congress
    • National Children Science Congress
    • Western India Science Fair
    • National Science Seminar
    • Science Quiz Competitions
    • Popular Science Book Corners
    • Community Science Club
    • Science Park
    • Mathematical Olympiad
    • Science & Technology Communication Centre
    • National Science day
    • National Mathematics day
    • Mobile Science Lab
    • Mobile Science Exhibition Van
    • Vigyan Prasar Edusat Program
    • Science & Society Programme
  • Science & technology Intervention Cell
    • Technology Village Programme
    • Technology Transfer
    • Establishment of SNRMS
    • Information Technology Centre for S & T
  • Activities Coordinator Cell
  • Documentation & Communication Centre
  • Patent Information & GIAN Cell
    • Patent Information Centre
    • Grassroot Innovation Augmentation Network
    • Innovation Fund
  • Forest Eco-Plan Centre
  • Administration, Establishment & Finance

Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

To develop scientific temper, build capacity of intellectual inquiry and keen observation among people, especially targeting the younger generation.

Our Objective

  • To create an environment of scientific inquiry among student community .
  • To initiate, support, promote and co-ordinate research and development projects and programmes (including demonstration projects) which are relevant to the specific objectives and problems facing the State and also help in sustainable use of natural resources available in the State.
  • To establish or assist in the establishment of infrastructure necessary for the development of science and technology in the State and to create conducive ecosystem for its growth.
  • To advise on policies and measures necessary for the promotion and utilisation of Science and Technology for the socio-economic development objectives of the State.
  • To set up and administer documentation centre and laboratories.
  • To assist in the preparation of Science and Technology plans and formulate research and development programmes, approve such programmes if received from other institutions and finance or aid such projects by extending grants, loans, supply of material.
  • To promote and spread scientific temper and attitude amongst the people of the State and to disseminate scientific knowledge by use of ICT and by organizing seminars and conferences for this purpose.
  • To supplement the activities of the State Government in field of Science and Technology.
  • To interact with other State Councils and National Science and Technology bodies with similar or related objectives.
  • To take any other steps which are relevant to application of Science and Technology to the problems of the State and to promote education in Science and Technology.
  • To institute prizes and awards for meritorious research in the field of Science and Technology.